Our history

In 1950, my grandfather, after arriving in Rome from Castelfranco di Sopra, his hometown in the Arezzo area, began the dream of his life. He managed to open a small shop, which today has become a symbol of the culinary history of Rome, (to which we are all deeply connected).

Over the years, starting with my grandfather who embarked on this magnificent adventure, two fundamental figures have followed one another. First of all I must remember my uncle Giuliano, who with his professionalism contributed to the development and progress of the company. Another historical figure is Gianni, who for over 50 years accompanied my grandfather on his journey, contributing to the growth of the restaurant.

To date, I represent the third generation, carrying on this historic legacy together with my collaborators, as well as friends, Matteo and Laura.

Together we try to maintain the quality standards that have been handed down to us, enriched with the right touch of modernity. As my grandfather did, we continue to buy certain products, such as zolfini beans and oil, directly from the Tuscan countryside. We deal with the new generations of farmers, selecting the best meat, porcini mushrooms, truffles and high quality fish every day, with daily arrivals, from the best local markets.